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(MTJ: Extra) Rockabye Ocean (Alts Update) by Dimondium
Mature content
(MTJ: Extra) Rockabye Ocean (Alts Update) :icondimondium:Dimondium 45 12
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Fri Sep 16, 2016, 8:39 PM
who turned the sound off put that at 130% volume yo
Tue Aug 30, 2016, 10:39 AM
Sound off!
Tue Aug 2, 2016, 2:06 PM


10 dollar commission
Pay through here if your commission is worth 10 dollars!
40 dollar commission
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So guys, would you be interested in a YCH with Delphina as the host? 

15 deviants said Sounds good, but I can't pay for a slot.
6 deviants said I would pay to be with her!
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Tied up presents
This is a commission for a friend on Discord, in which he asked for his character Tender Heart to be tried up with the strings of his balloons in his bedroom.

Another fun piece to work on! This time I tried to experiment with some shading on the balloons, and I'd say it turned out to be pretty good! The background was relatively simple to do, and the bunny was made thanks to a reference that he gave me. I wonder what will happen to Tender if someone finds him in this situation...

Tender Heart belongs to a friend from Discord.
Summer Ann Felicity ref sheet
This is a commission for :icondontpopme:, in which he wanted a design and ref sheet for his character as a vector.

This was a really fun piece to do! Not only that, but Summer is such a cute character, with such an awesome personality. Yay for cute balloony characters!

Summer is owned by Dontpopme
Bubbled buddies
At long last, I have finished more commissions! This one is for :iconcryptothechangeling1:, in which he wanted to see his character Crypto and :icon11buddy14:'s character Jax trapped in bubbles. He also asked for a small story to go along with the picture.

And here is the story for it:

There is nothing better than having a friend at your side to share many experiences and adventures, even if they may not end up in a good way, like the case of Jax and Crypto. Both of them were having a walk in a plain field outside of ponyville. They were both having a wonderful talk, enjoying the breeze and clear weather. What they didn't know is that they were going to be greeted with quite the surprise.

It wasn't long until they noticed something coming towards them. It was a bit far from them, so both the changeling and the pegasus walked closer to take a look, and then they saw a hooded figure. They both stopped at this presence asking who it was, but the mysterious pony didn't respond. Then, the pony used a spell that made a bubble appear from his hoof and grew large enough to fit a pony inside. He repeated this a second time with a small laugh, in front of both stallions. The voice implied that it was a stallion as well, but before Jax and Crypto could ask, he made a motion foward to them, causing the bubbles to start moving towards them. Immediately, Jax and Crypto started running from them, because they knew the intentions of that mysterious stallion were not good. Jax said to split up, in an attempt to make the bubbles bump into each other and slow them down. This was in vain, as the bubbles just gained more speed, and caught up to both of the escaping friends.

The bubbles started to engulf them, squishing them from all sides. They tried to struggle out of the bubbles' grip, but it wasn't working. They kept sinking in, with their movements restrained and sounds muffled, and shortly after, they fell inside the bubbles with a 'fwoomp' sound. Crypto tried his pointy horn at the bubble, but it only stretched around it with no signs of it weakening. Jax tried to use his bubble magic to escape the bubble, but he found that it was silenced. The bubbles were both strong and magic-proof. They were looking at each other, trying to struggle out of their predicament. The hooded pony walked next to them, and posed in front of the trapped ponies.
-Enjoy your new prison.- He said.

Both ponies kept on struggling, but it was in vain. The bubbles wouldn't pop, and the hooded pony was taking his new prisoners with them. All the two encased friends could do was hope for somepony to come to their aid, because there seemed to be no way out of this predicament...

After a long period of homework, I have finally got around to finishing commissions! Here's hoping that I can get more art done before I get flooded with more homework. Thanks for everyone's patience!

Crypto is owned by CryptotheChangeling1
Jax is owned by 11buddy14
If you haven't noticed yet, it's Sny-por's birthday today! Go give him some greets if you haven't already!
I probably should have said this earlier, but I got another heavy batch of homework a few days ago. I've made some progress, but it's way more than before, so it might take me longer to finish than last time. I hope you guys can understand.


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